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2016 dse english paper 2英文作文題目考早會講稿


2016 dse english paper 2英文作文卷二,寫作能力必答題將考生設定為學生會會長,學生須撰寫200字早會講稿歡迎新生,選答題部份為「8選1」。本文介紹2016 dse english paper 2 題目曝光及答案。

2018 dse英文卷二

圖:2016 dse英文卷二

2016 dse英文卷二作文題目

英文閱讀卷分兩部分,甲部(Part A)為必答題,而乙部為選答題,分別有兩個不同的閱讀篇章,考生可選答較易的Part B1或較難的Part B2,選答B1者,最高只可獲level 4成績。內容包括:


Dse 英文寫作第1題:以學生會主席身份去代入,寫作目的是幫助新生達到成功及有愉快學校生活。遵守校規的重要性及人際關係的重要性。

You are the President of the Student Union at your school. You are preparing a speech to welcome new students on the first day of school. In order to help students achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, you want to talk about the following in your speech:

-importance of following school rules; and

-importance of interpersonal relationships.

The first part of the speech has been written for you. Finish the speech.

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow students,

On behalf of the Students’ Union, I’d like to welcome all of you to our school. I am sure we all want to achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, so this morning I’d like to give you some advice.



Dse 英文寫作第2題:

  • Question 2 (Learning English through Sports Communication)

    Because of the lack of sports facilities, some people in your community have suggested that schools should allow the public to use their sports facilities after school hours.

    Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Daily stating your opinion. Support your opinion with three reasons.

Dse 英文寫作第3題:

  • Question 3 (Learning English through Workplace Communication)

    Many Hong Kong graduates complain about the lack of employment opportunities in the city. It has been suggested that graduates who fail to find a job in Hong Kong could look for opportunities in other cities in Asia. Do you support this suggestion?

    Write an article for your school magazine expressing your views. Give three reasons to support your views. Provide an appropriate title for your article.

Dse 英文寫作第4題:

  • Question 4 (Learning English through Debating )

    It has recently been reported that some parents in Asian countries are installing apps on their children’s mobile phones that monitor their activities to ensure that they use theses devices responsibly.

    Write a letter to the Young Post stating whether you agree with these parents’ actions or not. Justify your position with three reasons.

Dse 英文寫作第5題:

  • Question 5 (Learning English through Social Issues)

    The Hong Kong Daily is holding an essay competition for secondary school students on the theme ‘Hong Kong’s Disappearing Street Life’. The aim is to promote youth awareness of the need to preserve unique aspects of Hong Kong culture. Entries must focus on one aspect of local street life or culture that is fast disappearing and suggest why it is worth preserving.

    Write your essay.

Dse 英文寫作第6題:

  • Question 6 (Learning English through Short Stories)

    One of the planned activities for the Creative Writing Week at your school is a short writing competition. The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Revenge is Sweet’.

    Write your story.

Dse 英文寫作第7題:

  • Question 7 (Learning English through Popular Culture)

    The Hong Kong Youth Association s organising a Youth Festival to showcase popular youth trends in Hong Kong. Write a proposal for the Festival suggesting one or two trends popular with young people. You should explain how you would present these trends at the festival and justify the way you plan to present your ideas.

Dse 英文寫作第8題:

  • Question 8 (Learning English through Poems and Songs)

    A famous songwriter once said, ‘Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power’.

    How important is it for us to acknowledge the challenges we face and find ways to cope with them? Write an essay explaining your opinion with relevant examples from your personal experience.

Dse 英文寫作第9題:

  • Question 9 (Learning English through Drama)要說服的是家長──自己想讀演藝,家人卻想你於另一院校讀典型學術科目。

    As a Form Six student, you are considering educational opportunities after your HKDSE. One option you have selected is the Hong Kong Academy for Performing arts, as you want to take up acting career. However, your parents would like you to pursue an academic subject at another institution.

    As the deadline for submitting the application is approaching, write an email to your parents, who are now on an overseas trip, to convince them to support your choice.

2016 dse english paper 2 範文


其中開首段(即引言)已給予同學。同學可由正文第一個意見開始寫。Tony Chow表示,肯定有一半同學一落筆就會寫「First of all / Firstly」,雖然做法分段清晰,但要突圍拎高分就不會那麼容易了。





文章內容的語文用字、配詞、句構亦成了取分關鍵。考生不一定要深字才可能取得高分,但如能適當使用多元化生字,亦是Show off的關鍵。今年雖有不同的寫作目的,但議論元素成為焦點。

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